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5 Doable Tips for Weight Loss and Free 3-Day Meal Plan

Weight loss can feel overwhelming… There’s so much information out there about what we “should” be: doing, eating, or not eating, it can be really hard to sift through it all! If you’re feeling stuck in your weight loss journey, overwhelmed by diet culture noise, or just unsure what will actually move the needle, this post is for YOU! Today I’m going to discuss 5 doable tips for weight loss and give you a FREE, 3-day meal plan to get started!


This first tip is what I like to call a quick win, meaning if you start being more mindful about this one thing, you’ll start seeing progress in your weight loss journey! This is especially so if you’re currently consuming a lot of caloric beverages.

Many people don’t realize that drinks can be a pretty substantial source of calories and an empty source at that. Many drinks have lots of sugar/caffeine, but little nutritional value. Take stock of the beverages you’re having on a regular basis. Some regular offenders include:

  • frothy hot coffees
  • hot cocoa
  • cold, blended coffees
  • smoothies
  • kombucha
  • sodas
  • juices
  • alcohol
  • electrolyte drinks
    The calories in these drinks add up quickly! So if you’re consuming 1-2 (or more) of these per day you could be unknowingly tacking on many more calories than you realize.
    To correct this, start slow by replacing 1 caloric beverage at a time. For example, try plain, hot coffee with frothed, unsweetened almond or soy milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon instead of a sugary latte. Or swap out your soda and electrolyte drinks with an unsweetened seltzer. Small changes like these make a BIG impact on overall calorie intake without having to actually count any calories at all.


Many people think that staying physically active requires hours in the gym every day, but this is not true! It is important to move our bodies, but it’s more important to find things we enjoy doing!

Try out yoga, or biking, or a dance class! Also, try to keep moving throughout the day with short bursts of activity like these:

  • Take a 10-minute walk on your breaks at work with a colleague
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Park further away at the grocery store, and return the cart after shopping
  • Take the dog for a quick walk after dinner

These exercise breaks are a great way to sneak in some additional movement and give your mind the added benefit of clarity and rest from your daily to-do list.


Hydration is so important for all bodily functions, but it is especially important for weight loss! Drinking water helps you feel fuller, so it can help with appetite control.

Also, water is necessary to burn fat and it increases calorie burning. Drinking enough water also helps to remove excess waste from the body. Try getting more hydration into your day with one of these tips:

  • Infuse water with herbs and fruit for festive, low-calorie beverages
  • Tie water drinking to a routine. For example, drink a glass of water upon waking, before meals, and when you get home from work.
  • Try tracking water intake. Put a tally mark in your planner for every 8 ounces of water consumed throughout the day. Check-in towards the end of each day and see how you did!


Even if we are eating the “right” foods, the amount that we eat is equally important. It is important to look at the serving sizes on food labels, as well as make sure you are consuming a reasonable portion size of a certain food group.

It is easy to load up our plates without considering how much food we actually need. And it’s definitely possible to have too much of a good thing! So, it’s crucial to be mindful of how much we’re eating, and how much our body really needs to be nourished while also maintaining weight loss goals.

If you’re new to portion sizes, be sure to check out this post that teaches you how to use your hands for estimating portion sizes.

Awareness of our portion sizes is the first step and using your hands to estimate means you’ll be able to “eyeball it” no matter where you’re at!


An important element of weight loss is making a plan ahead of time, especially if you’re busy. Some things you can do are pre-make or prepare easy and healthy meals for busy nights, schedule your workout into your day, and meal plan for the week ahead.

If you’re new to meal planning this can feel overwhelming, but I promise it doesn’t have to be! I encourage clients to prep simple and satisfying foods that can be made ahead and stored for the week like:

  • overnight oats
  • salads & wraps
  • stir-fries
  • big batches of soup
  • chopped veggies for snacking
  • sliced fruit & plant based-yogurts
    Using foods like these to begin planning your meals will make it easy to mix and match healthy foods and create your own satisfying meal plan for weight loss. Filling your plan with pre-made, healthy foods packed with fiber will help you to stay on track with your health goals and feel full throughout the day. And don’t worry…. healthy doesn’t mean boring! I have a fun, flavorful meal plan to help you start.


Ready to make your own plan, but not sure where to start with healthy recipes? I’ve gotcha covered! I created a 3-day meal plan with plenty of variety to get you started!

The meals I chose are plant-based, high fiber, and full of flavor. In my 3-day meal plan, you’ll find a pizza night, a Mexican night, and an Italian night! Each day features recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

The dinner recipes will make enough to feed a family as well, so everyone will enjoy healthy, satisfying meals.


Ready to get started planning your meals? Click here to grab your own copy of my FREE 3-day meal plan! As a bonus, you’ll be added to my exclusive email community and receive weekly health and weight loss tips, sent straight to your inbox! Happy Cooking, Friends!



Hi, I’m Bonnie! 

I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) specializing in women’s health, lipedema nutrition, and sustainable weight management. I’d love to help you reach your own personal health goals and become the most vibrant version of yourself.

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